If you find that your question is not answered in the Frequently Asked Questions, please feel free to e-mail me at photography.capitalcity@gmail.com.
What should I expect?
First and foremost, you should expect a fun and relaxed day! I am here to make you and your family feel comfortable, at ease, and excited for your photo session. You should expect to spend around one hour on a typical photo shoot (newborns & bridals may take longer), but as always, our time together is not limited as I am looking to capture your perfect moments.  While I may put you into poses, feel free to be candid and yourself. Play with your kids, your fiance, your spouse, your family! 
Should I bring anything?
You may bring whatever personal item you'd like to your photo session. This could include a family heirloom, your child's favorite toy, your family pet, or even paint to throw at each other! Also, because we live in the Pacific Northwest, be ready to take on different types of weather, from sunny and beautiful to gloomy and sprinkling. This means it is probably a good idea to wear layers or bring coats & jackets, just in case. I'll be sure to bring blankets to sit on or snuggle up with to stay warm. Water & food, especially for young ones, is also something you might want to consider bringing.
What should we wear?
Deciding what to wear can be tough! Here are a few tips:
  • Avoid logos on clothing as these can be distracting and take the focus away from the photo's subject, such as your family or child.
  • Patterns, fun & bright colors, and textures look great on kids!
  • In the spring and summertime, light clothing, including light color clothing, sundresses, shorts, and T-shirts are good choices. Just be sure you're comfortable in whatever you're wearing! 
  • In the fall and wintertime, scarves, boots, sweaters, jeans, and hats are perfect. Again, just be sure to dress for the weather and stay warm!
  • If you're taking family photographs and would like to coordinate, pick colors that compliment one another or wear the same colors or colors in the same shade, such as dark blue, light blue, and navy. A great complimenting color to all those blues would be grey, white, and even yellow.  
  • Always feel free to e-mail me if you'd like help coordinating colors.


How long will it take to receive our photographs?
I always try to send a sneak peak a few days after the photo session which usually includes about three to five photos. You will receive all your photographs within two weeks in an online album and by CD/USB jump drive. If you need your photographs sooner, there is a $50 rush fee. 
Do you photograph boudoir sessions?
Yes! I have shot several boudoir sessions for brides, wives, and girlfriends. Most are not on my portfolio because I have agreed with the client to keep them private and to only show prospective clients agreed upon photos in person so as to not violate my clients' privacy. If you are interested in a boudoir session, please set up an appointment with me so we may meet and you can view more of my portfolio!
Am I able to post my photos on Facebook [or other social media websites?]
Of course!! One of the best things about taking beautiful photographs is getting to share them with friends and family! Feel free to tag yourself in any photos I post of you on our Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest page and share them with your friends. Also feel free to upload your own photos to your profile. 
How do I prepare my young children for the session?
Some kids, especially young ones, can be camera shy or just not in the mood to have a stranger pointing a large lens at them. If this is the case, you can help ease your child into the photo shoot by bringing his or her favorite toy, a snack, a book, or special blanket. We can start the photo shoot off taking candid photos while you play with your child. Oftentimes, these are the best, most natural photos anyway. I will be sure to laugh and interact with your children to help them feel more comfortable around me. It also may help to talk to your children a few days and the night before the photo session to let them know what will be going on. I'm sure they will turn out to be great models and the star of the photos!
Are you willing to travel?
Yes! I am willing to travel almost anywhere your heart desires! There are no travel fees within 30 miles of Olympia, WA. I charge a travel fee according to the Washington state mileage/gas reimbursement formula after 30 miles outside of Olympia. 
What if our session is rained out or we have to cancel?
Living in such a rainy area, this is definitely a possibility! Most times, a little bit of a sprinkle won't affect your photo shoot unless you would prefer to reschedule. When it's really pouring, we will be sure to reschedule your session without any extra fees at the convenience of both your schedule & mine. If you have to cancel for other reasons, please try to give me 24 hours notice. However, I understand emergencies come up, so I do not charge a fee for cancellations, besides a travel fee if I have already made my way to you. 
Are you a licensed business?
Yes, Capital City Photography, LLC is a licensed business in the state of Washington and holds a business license in Olympia, WA. 
What type of payment do you accept?
I accept payment in the form of cash, check, or PayPal (please note there is an additional small fee to use PayPayl). Please make checks payable to Capital City Photography, LLC.